Catalyse is a recognized public utility association. Not subsidized, it needs your tuition to continue its actions and ensure the quality of education over time, following a pedagogy and a course. All our courses are subject to our general conditions except for certain “workshops by modules” which operate without registration tax and without annual commitment.

1- Trial course

A trial course is possible for most of the proposed course. This course is charged at the following rate:

  • Group trial lesson: CHF 10.-
  • Private trial lesson: CHF 60.- per 45 min.

The trial lesson has to be paid before the lesson.

For some courses, there is no trial course possible.

2 – Regular courses

An annual registration fee of CHF 60 is charged at registration.
It is due only once per student for the school year and includes the registration fees for workshops and internships.
It is a guarantee of commitment.

For families, the annual registration fee is CHF 30 instead of CHF 60 per student since the registration of 3 children.

Cancellations of registration must be sent in writing (email or letter) to the school administration.
Cancellation of registration up to 7 days before the start of the course: the registration fee is not refunded. After this period, the annual tuition is due.

Except in individual cases (à la carte courses, subscription for a fixed number of courses, etc.), the student is committed until the end of the school year (until June), even if he/she registers during the year. The school fees are due in full. The sums paid are not refunded, except in the cases mentioned in this Regulation.

For initiation classes, withdrawal is possible throughout the year. Lessons are due until the date of withdrawal, plus a cancellation fee of CHF 80.

2023-24 consists of 35 weeks, divided into 3 terms:

  • 1st term: from September 11 to December 15 2023 (13 weeks)
  • 2nd term: December 18 2023 to March 22, 2024 (11 weeks)
  • 3rd term: March 25 to June 21, 2024 (11 weeks)

3 – Workshops and occasional internships

Unless otherwise agreed, an annual registration fee of CHF 60 is charged at the time of registration.
It is payable only once per student for the school year.
All workshop fees are payable at registration.
This sum remains the property of the school and is not refundable in the event of cancellation of enrollment by the student.

Unless otherwise agreed, a registration fee of CHF 10 is charged at the time of registration.
The full course fee is payable at registration.
This sum remains the property of the school and is not refundable in the event of cancellation of enrolment by the student.

4 – Schooling and payment of tuition

The tuition must be paid before the first lesson. No course will be accessible without proof of payment.

A family discount of 5% is granted from the second registration or for a second course. Family discount and  second course discount cannot be cumulated. The school discount announced by the Cheque Creatif Commission cannot be cumulated with the other school discounts.

Payment is made by payment slip by bank transfer or in cash:

In a single payment before the first class (compulsory for adult students):

  • with a 10% discount on the total tuition paid before October 30,
  • with a 5% reduction in total school fees for registrations between 31 October and 16 February.

For the course called “Les Comédiens”, the 10% discount also applies to the total tuition for the spring session paid before February 28.

In identical quarterly payments:

  • the first term is settled before the first course
  • the second quarter is settled at the end of December
  • the third quarter is settled at the end of March.

Discounts don’t apply to “à la carte” lessons.

5 – Student’s absences

Any absence must be reported and justified to the school principal.
Students are required to inform the secretariat of their absences, if possible by e-mail at least 24 hours in advance. No deduction from course finance may be considered, nor may any course be replaced, in the event of an unjustified absence.

In the event of absence for more than three weeks due to illness or accident, reimbursement can be obtained (deductible of 3 lessons) on condition that the school administration has been informed by e-mail or post and that the relevant medical certificate is presented.

6 – Exclusion

The school reserves the right to exclude a student, particularly in the event of a serious behavioural problem or in the event of repeated absence without serious reasons justified by a certificate (illness, accident, critical problem, etc.).
The exclusion is made after a warning sent by email and/or simple letter to the student and/or his legal representative. The entire school fees remain due and no refund is possible.

7- Reminders and unpaid bills

Any reminder will result in an additional charge of CHF10 on the invoice.
The costs resulting from proceedings to prosecute unpaid school fees are the responsibility of the student.

8 – Insurance

Students are required to be personally insured against accidents, as well as material and physical damage.

9 – Duration and organisation of the courses

Catalyse reserves the right to make changes during the course of the year, in particular concerning the calendar, the timetable of courses/workshops/workshops, and the teachers if necessary.
The duration of a group course will be reviewed if the number of students planned for that course is not reached, without any change in the price. Example : a 2 hour course planned for 4 students can become 1h30 with 3 students or 1 hour with 2 students.

10 – Cancellation by Catalyse

Catalyse reserves the right to cancel a course/workshop/workshop. In this case, Catalyse undertakes to inform the registered participants as soon as possible and to reimburse the totality of the sums received.

11 – Special conditions in case of pandemic

In the case of total or partial confinement, binding official measures and/or recommendations to limit contact and travel, Catalyse reserves the right to replace classroom courses with online courses, with the full tuition remaining due.

12 – Applicable law – Place of jurisdiction

The above conditions are governed by Swiss law. Any dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Geneva.

Last update: 05/10/2023