An independant performing arts scene

Away from the mainstream media, today’s independent artists are inventive, uninhibited and globally connected, bypassing traditional avenues to reach an open-minded and adventurous audience.

This is art that is comfortable expressing itself in any language, local or international, regardless of prevailing trends.
And it is performed anywhere and everywhere, from homes, bars and public spaces to small festivals, right through to the biggest events in Switzerland, Europe and beyond.

Catalyse promotes this movement as best it can and strives to support events, organizers and venues who showcase artists for the value they bring rather than the audiences they draw.

Public performance at Catalyse

Like at home !

Our space is a workspace by nature, where the platform allows experimentation to progress.
Our space is also a real place of diffusion, where the audience comes to meet the artist, with whom they can exchange after the show.

  • The meetings of the school are the lovely moments with raw nuggets that touch the heart.
  • « Showcases » meetings allow the artists to show in the process of a new setting, before going on a tour for example. Constructive suggestions and criticisms are welcome!
  • «Show and concert» meetings show a successful creation as per accepted codes.
    It’s a bit like in a «real» theater, or in a «real» concert room…Except that after the performance, we leave the stages to meet again in the lounge, a bit like home!
    The program puts emphasis on discoveries, local shows and young audience.

Have a look at the program !

Significant partners

  • Advocate for cultural diversity
  • Encourage debates about the works, artists and pluralistic talents
  • Support popular art forms
  • Disseminate positive and transformative vibrations
  • Introduce and export Swiss creators while integrating these criteria
  • Encourage exchanges
  • And affirm that together we go further!

…These are, for example, our ambitions when we choose partners.

They are enrolled in a « catalyse » context which promotes initiation of a reaction and allows it to develop with complete autonomy.

Historical partners:

Only French Festival (Paris – Dakar)
Festival Voix de fête

Our little bit of help

We provide regular financial support to the projects in line with our objectives.
It is about giving a little impetus to independent and original incentives which offer visibility chances to the artists not yet recognized.
For example, the Prix Georges Moustaki.