Our goal is to make people want to sing and express themselves while having fun, by mainly targeting “amateur” students.

  • We take “amateur” students and their learning seriously. While we offer them a quality environment and prefer to use a playful approach, we still require that they meet certain criteria.
  • We contribute to increase their ease and self-confidence and stimulate their creative momentum.
  • We wish to highlight their individual abilities while respecting their authenticity and their uniqueness. To this end, we use different forms of expression as well as improvisation.
  • We also aim to foster a certain sensibility and curiosity. We tackle varying repertories, different trends in current music, divers forms, styles and creators.
  • We encourage interaction and exchanges. We cultivate a sense of collaboration and teach listening skills. We create opportunities to sing and play with others and support transversal activities and collective creations.
  • We give special attention to stage work and seek to transmit a liking for vibrant entertainment. We organize performances to show our students, within as well as outside Catalyse.
  • We wish to stay in touch with the realities of the performing arts trades. Most of the teachers working for us are pursuing an artistic career as well as teaching.
  • We transmit to our team a way of teaching that is original and ever evolving, with follow up supervision.
  • Our space is outfitted with professional equipment, regularly updated and serviced. Our facilities are used by artists for internships, reecordings, shows, and other performances.
  • We are open to any ethnic, musical, linguistic contributions while framing ourselves within a Francophone setting.
  • We also offer multilingual programs, notably in French and English.
  • We support community action, notably by encouraging projects for people of all ages in collaboration with other associations and by looking for ways of opening our activities to a wider population, avoiding all forms of discrimination.

Our efforts to stimulate creative imagination seek positive day-to-day applications. By inviting our students to develop their creativity,  we hope to impact today’s world.