Generally, all singing courses are conducted in a spirit of trust, respect and responsibility to one another.

They deal with:

  • Body awareness
  • Vocal technique (and respiratory)
  • Rhythm and harmony.

The courses include:

  • Physical and vocal warm-up
  • Introduction to improvisation
  • Learning of songs in multiple or solo

Learning of songs in polyphony a cappella

The courses are taught in French or English

We encourage the learning of songs in all languages.


The entertaining drama class allows student to discover and recognize oneself and reveal own personality.   This is an invitation to listen in oneself and others, to explore the sounds, space and multiple possibilities that the body offers to express itself fully.

Our drama courses are imparted exclusively in French and articulated on three areas, touched upon at varying degrees according to the age and the level:

  • Study and function of one’s body as a means of expression, breathing, relaxation, right here and right now, voice, movement
  • Theatrical play, improvisation, interpretation, criticism
  • Text work, moment of reflection and exchange to think of many and to enrich oneself.


Concerts and shows are in integral part of our teaching. In many respects these are trainers and give opportunity to the students to perform in public and give their interpretation in all sincerity.

They make it possible to collaborate, co-create and to accompany or to be accompanied by amateur or professional musicians.

Theatres and songs are brought to act together particularly at the time of performances. These encourage exchange and working in a large group for certain aspects such as welcome, body warm-up, awareness of self and others, improvisation, etc. Even these practices are not necessarily systematic, their cross-cutting approaches and chance encounters enhance our artistic teaching and contribute in a concrete manner with necessary opening for the artist in the making, regardless of the field of preference.