Like at home !

Our space is a workspace by nature, where the platform allows experimentation to progress.
Our space is also a real place of diffusion, where the audience comes to meet the artist, with whom they can exchange after the show.

  • The meetings of the school are the lovely moments with raw nuggets that touch the heart.
  • « Showcases » meetings allow the artists to show in the process of a new setting, before going on a tour for example. Constructive suggestions and criticisms are welcome!
  • «Show and concert» meetings show a successful creation as per accepted codes.
    It’s a bit like in a «real» theater, or in a «real» concert room…Except that after the performance, we leave the stages to meet again in the lounge, a bit like home!
    The program puts emphasis on discoveries, local shows and young audience.

Have a look at the program !