In a zone still artisanal in the heart of a new district in the United States, with « promenade verte » that took shape, the railway station and the comedy which will be there tomorrow, the secular park just with the window, Catalyse is like a small oasis in the city. You arrive there without much believing that you are there: on the ground floor, bodywork, with all signs of activity that has nothing to do with performing stage …
You climb the red staircase, you push the big door, and you leave behind Geneva and its codes. And you have reached at the right address! It is bohemian and welcoming, with antique furnishings over the years and an empowered team that make it comfortable.

A big lounge with drink-corner, a fully equipped kitchen, an evening meal, magazines, documentation and music with self-service, Wi-Fi access… everything is designed friendly!
A concert hall and a more versatile hall also equipped with a stage, artist’s lodge, recording studio, sound equipments on site and wheel, modular classroom, some reserved parking spaces, two independent apartments allowing up to 12 persons… the arrangement is complete!

The uniqueness of the place allows it to accommodate both the students of the school and the artistes, in show or in home of work, almost as if you are in the home.