Recording studiO

In the heart of Catalyse, our studio welcomes you in a spacious and warm setting, with open relaxation areas that let in light and inspiration (lounge, drink corner, kitchen, dressing room, relaxation/bodywork area, etc.). This environment offers you pleasant breaks, while allowing you to stay immersed in your project (accommodation in single rooms possible on request).

Music and voice-over. Recording, mixing, post-production, sound creation and instrumental bases.
Special follow-up adapted to the first registration experiences.

Technical data sheet

Control room (8m2) equipped with a 24-track digital mixer
A soundproof booth for voice recording
The club room is our main recording room
The gallery room is suitable for specific needs


Microphones :

SHURE: 4 * SM58 / 4 * HF SM58 BLX88 / 2 * Beta58a / 4 * SM57 / 1 * Beta57a
AKG: 1 * C3000 / 1 * C451 / 6 hf
RODE: NT5 set paired
OCTAVIA: stereo set MK-012-01
SENNHEISER : 3 * e604
TBONE: 1 * SCT2000, 1 * drumkit
Soundcard : Motu 24 I/O saw
Mixing board: In-line console, MACKIE 32.8
Preamp: Tube preamp DBX 586, 2ch
Monitor : Listening to DYNAUDIO ACOUSTICS BM6A
Computer: Mac power pc 2×2.8Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 16 GoRam
Software: Logic pro 9/ Waveburner
DI: 4 active Di Samson S. Direct

Headphones :

3x AKG k 240


YAMAHA DP Series complete battery, 10′ / 12′ / 14′ / 20′, 3 cymbal standsAmpli Guitar LANEY LV100 with footswitch
AMPEG BA115 Bass Combo
Upright piano Wilh Steinberg
Rippen upright piano
North Piano 3

Terms and Conditions

The use of the studio is reserved for our friends, who support us by making a contribution to the Circle of Friends of CHF 60.00/year.

Fee schedule

Including a simple installation (voice recording or instruments).
For whole groups (battery, amplifiers) allow more assembly time.
Recording and mixing accompanied and supervised by our sound engineer.
In addition: other services such as artistic direction, arrangements etc.
Possibility of obtaining assistance, our objective being to enable you to carry out your project.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a precise quote:

Per hour: CHF 65.00
Half-day (max. 4 hours): CHF 220 (extra hour: CHF 60 per hour)
Per day (max. 8 hours): CHF 420 (extra hour: CHF 60 per hour)

Our students benefit from preferential rates
(adaptable to each request and according to the level)

For example:

    • Voice recording on 1 track:single session – guitar voice / piano voice – without teacher – 3 hours, including recording and mixing: CHF 165.00
    • Voice recording on 1 track – with teacher – 3h, including recording and mixing, with the presence of the teacher for 1 hour of recording: CHF 265.00

Additional hour in the studio: CHF 50 (same session, same day)
Extra hour of teacher: CHF 80/hour

Consult us

The studio is equipped thanks to the support of Loterie Romande