THE studiO

Our team is pleased to welcome you in our recording studio, one of whose vocations is pre-production. An essential step, guarantee of efficiency and quality in achieving a musical project

Pre-production allows you, before entering the studio for final recording in a more relaxed setting (less time constraint, less budget and without pressure of last take), to optimize your performances and notably:
– to work on your compositions / arrangements in its delicacy and in detail
– to search and work extensively on sound
– to take time to harmonize the group, improve cohesion and overall expression.

We also realize your models, voice-over, instrumental and for your best comfort that you may benefit from user-friendly installations of Catalyse.

With the support of Loterie Romande

Loterie Romande


Fact sheet of recording studio

Management allows a multi-track recording

  • In the club stage
  • In the gallery
  • In the complete soundproof booth

Digital recording in 24 tracks

  • Mac power pc 2×2.8Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 16 GoRam
  • Logic pro / Waveburner
  • Motu 24 I/O pcie
  • Console in-line, MACKIE 32.8
  • Preamplifier lamps DBX 586, 2ch


Tariffs of recording studio

Indicative tariffs. Financial constraints should not come in the way of giving up such a motivating project. Conviction, talent, creativity, ideas of exchanges can make all the differences!

User tariff
Hour: 80 Swiss Franc –
Day (8 hours max): 400 Swiss Franc –
From 3 days, day (8 hour max): 360 Swiss Franc –

Friend tariff (reserved for « friends » who contribute to the Friends Club 60 Swiss Franc per year)
Hour: 60 Swiss Franc –
Day (8 hours max) : 320 Swiss Franc –
From 3 days, the day (8 hours max): 290 Swiss Franc –

Close Friend tariff
Please consult us.

The following basic services are provided: presence of a sound engineer, sound recording, recording and mixing.

Service of artistic direction, depending on the technician/engineer chosen, arrangement is made for extra charge.

Tariffs are for a period of maximum 8 hours per day. Additional hours are charged extra at a cost of 60 Swiss Franc per hour.
50% payment at the time of reservation, the balance on handing over of the bands

Our students benefit from the preferential tariffs
For example, voice recording of a song as part of a singing lesson (1 hour): 100 Swiss Franc / title.
Please consult us.