Our support program is based on real-life experience and evolves as we identify needs along the way.

It includes:

  • Direct assistance (advice and funding)
  • Making our venue available for artist residencies (fully equipped stage with sound engineer, recording studio, apartment for overnight stays)
  • Providing certain services (working with an acting coach, for example)
  • Organizing or hosting theoretical training
  • Booking artists at well-known events in Switzerland and abroad
  • Networking with organizations that book artists
  • Producing marketing materials (brochures, promotional CDs, etc.) distributed to professionals.

Based in Geneva, an international crossroads in a French-speaking region of a multilingual country, we support the use of the French language in all its varieties and diversity.
Regardless of mode of expression and audience numbers, we are committed to ensuring:

  • The right of every artist to express themselves in their mother tongue(s)
  • The right of every artist to express themselves in the language(s) in which they feel comfortable
  • The right to broadcast this artistic expression.