Together we can do better!

Through your donations, you support our activities and their impact on:

  • Creative education and multi-faceted thoughts
  • Faculties of reactivity based on the experience of improvisation
  • Lively stage in all varieties of its forms
  • Positive thinking and living well together
  • Equal opportunities and integration

Amount of your choice

Each donation is precious and received with gratitude.
It will be allocated in its totality to a project; however, the running costs for the functioning of the association are being covered.

Some examples:

  • 10 Swiss Franc: Offer a place of show to a child
  • 20 Swiss Franc: Ensure a meal for an outside player
  • 50 Swiss Franc: Provide our library fund (CD, books, reviews, sheets music)
  • 150 Swiss Franc: Participate for transporting a group with reduced mobility
  • 250 Swiss Franc: Sufficient for setting up a workshop of two hours in a sensitive environment
  • 300 Swiss Franc: Donate enough to provide a piano before a concert
  • 500 Swiss Franc: Correspond to the travel expenses of a trio programmed in Paris
  • 5,000 Swiss Franc: Ensure a program of a multi-stage concert.

Catalyse Account

Postal account: 17-793541-1
IBAN: CH26 0900 0000 1779 3541 1

Public utility

Recognized as a public utility, Catalyse is empowered to provide a certificate of voluntary service (art.8 LIPP-V, 33a LIFD). Your donations are deductible from the taxable income (for municipal and cantonal tax, maximum 20% of the net income and for direct federal tax, maximum 20% of net income, provided these donations amount at least 100 Swiss Franc per year).