Atelier Songwriting Junior/Ados

Age : 12-18 years old
Duration : 1h30
Frequency : Every two weeks
Capacity : 4 to 6 students
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Atelier Songwriting Junior/Ados

Write your own songs, lyrics and music, get on stage and perform them!
Experience the whole adventure, from the birth of a song to its sharing with the public.
At the end of the year, each student will have between 2 and 3 personal compositions to perform live.
As an option, those who wish to do so can also enter the studio and record their songs (not included in the basic fee, estimate on request).


Analyse songs (melodies, motifs), study texts and their construction.
Approach harmony (tonal, modal, blues…).
Learn about the different ways of writing music (score, drawing).
Learn how to use a music program to record yourself (Logic, GarageBand Live for example).


1 concert per year (accompanied by a musician), with the possibility of participating in Catalyse’s open stages, upon registration.


Have a basic knowledge of music (chords, melody, rhythm). It is not necessary to have studied music theory beforehand or to know how to play an instrument.


  • Wednesday 17h-18h30 every two weeks.