Plaisir - focus polyphonie

Age : 12-15 ans (Plaisir I) / 15-18 ans (Plaisir II)
Duration : 1h30
Frequency : Hebdomadaire
Capacity : 4 à 5 élèves
CHF 2'010.-*

Students work on body, breath and breathing awareness in order to sing better.
Vocal technique is approached in a playful way, with students familiarising themselves with the theoretical bases (for example by using a score) and sharing exercises using the repertoire studied, vocalises and other games allowing for progression.

Improvisation and Circle Song are practised regularly, in particular to develop variations in interpretation and vocal technique, and always to be more present, more relaxed, freer.
The students improve their stage presence by paying attention to the way they sing with a microphone and move. They learn to develop their relationship with the group and the audience, as well as their interactions with the accompanying musician and the sound engineer.
Students are encouraged to be proactive and to evaluate themselves.
Vocal practice and memorization work are to be done at home independently and regularly.

Video of the class of 2021-22


Songs performed in groups, duets or solo.
Focus on polyphony.
The repertoire is chosen by the students, and the teacher also guides them in the discovery of new songs (different styles, different languages, different technical difficulties).


2 concerts / year (accompanied by a musician), with also the possibility to participate in the open mics of Catalyse, upon registration.


Experience in singing.
Vocal practice and memorization work are done independently outside of class.


PLAISIR I – focus polyphonie (12-15 ans)

  • Thursday 17h-18h30
  • Friday 17h30-19h

PLAISIR II – focus polyphonie (15-18 ans)

  • Tuesday 18h30-20h

Registrations are open all year round (subject to availability, please contact us)!


CHF 2’010.-/year: 3 payments of CHF 650.- + CHF 60.- administration fee