Take singing, drama or improvisation classes ! Catalyse gives everyone the opportunity to share their voice !

Solo online classes

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Vous rêvez de chanter, mais n’arrivez pas à vous organiser ?

Vous cherchez à améliorer votre expression orale, mais vous passez votre vie en déplacement ?

Vous voulez reprendre du souffle, depuis chez vous ?

Junior Workshop Focus on Stage

Cours de chant collectifs pour adolescents de 12 à 15 ans, avec un focus scène.
Niveau avancé. Procédure de sélection.

Mini Hobby 45 min

Mini Hobby 45 min

In a cheerful and confident atmosphere, sing together, explore your voice and go further by relying on the group’s momentum.

Circle Song

Circle Song

Enter the circle to get out of the box!
Singing together, sharing and exchanging with your voice and creativity.
Together we gather and, on simple musical proposals, each voice speaks to the other to give birth to a common music.

Chant Classique

Chant classique

Roberto Alagna, Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Natalie Dessay… these names make you want to sing? You’d like to take the plunge, but you don’t dare? Don’t hesitate at Catalyse, classical singing, like all other forms of vocal practice, is developed in a fun and friendly way.

Voix Parlée

Voix Parlée

I speak, you speak, we speak… This workshop is for everyone: speaker, teacher, lecturer, comedian, commercial or sales person, anyone who faces challenges in speaking, in a professional or private setting, or more generally who wishes to free their oral expression.