Take singing, drama or improvisation classes ! Catalyse gives everyone the opportunity to share their voice !

Children tales in music

45-minute musical tales for children aged 6 to 9.

Collective creation of musical tales and stage and vocal production.


Course given by Camille Bourquin

A vocal technique preferred by rock and metal, or even Pink, Beyoncé or James Brown, the growl, is also widely used by blues and jazz, pop or soul singers.

Mini Hobby 45 min

Initiation to body percussion and Circle Song practice.
Learn to express yourself, listen to others, share and find your place in a group.

Circle Sonoga

Enter the circle to get out of the box!
To sing together, to share and exchange with your voice and creativity. All levels.

Classical repertoire

Permettre à chaque voix de trouver le répertoire qui convient le mieux à ses possibilités et à ses affinités.
Accompagner chaque élève vers l’autonomie du travail technique et d’interprétation.
Découvrir l’étendue de ce répertoire et ses possibilités.

On Stage Focus Junior Workshop

Creation and rehearsal for two concerts of 30 minutes.
Work on Group dynamics. Focus on stage.
Advanced level. Selection procedure.

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