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Vocalyse – Chorale pop

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Une chorale pop et ponctuelle

Vous avez toujours rêvé de rejoindre une chorale dynamique où vous pourrez exprimer votre passion pour la musique pop? Ne cherchez plus! Vocalyse est fait pour vous.

Atelier vocal intensif – focus scène

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Cet atelier s’adresse à des élèves ayant acquis une certaine aisance vocale et expérience de la scène.
Les élèves travaillent un répertoire pop anglophone et de chansons françaises en polyphonie à 4 voix et avec des parties solistes. Ils peuvent être amenés à développer leurs propres compositions.

Plaisir – focus polyphonie

Students work on body, breath and breathing awareness in order to sing better.
Vocal technique is approached in a playful way, with students familiarising themselves with the theoretical bases (for example by using a score) and sharing exercises using the repertoire studied, vocalises and other games allowing for progression.

Technique vocale


Vocal placement.
Breathing and breath support techniques.
Different vocal techniques: chest voice, belting, mixed voice, head voice.
Songs from different genres according to the students’ tastes and learning needs.
Technique to support develop interpretation.
Practical applications.

Circle Song

Signature course

Join in and get out of the box!
Students sing together, share and exchange with their voices and creativity.
Together they gather and, on simple musical proposals, each voice speaks to the other to give birth to a common music.

Chant Lyrique

Chant Lyrique

Roberto Alagna, Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Natalie Dessay… Do these names make you want to sing? Are you ready to give it a go but you don’t dare? Do not hesitate. At Catalyse classical singing is taught in a fun and friendly way like other forms of vocal practice.