Parlons Musique (Solfège)

Age : From 15 years old
Duration : 1h
Frequency : Weekly
Capacity : 4 to 7 students
CHF 450.- / trimester

Parlons Musique! (Solfège)

When music theory becomes a tool to face daily challenges and a language to communicate between musicians.
Become aware of this language, to appropriate it in order to be free in musical practice.
Form an a capella group, where the voice will be a rhythmic and melodic instrument, which will give meaning to learning.
Embark on an extraordinary playground, where one discovers oneself, as the weeks go by, as a composer, a singer, a drummer, a bass player and a dancer.
Notes, sounds and rhythms will become precious friends, which will give you great freedom in your musical sharing.
Particular attention will be paid to the body. Together we will become aware of the way we breathe, walk, and feel our environment, in order to bring us to the understanding of this language!

Music theory is an extraordinary playground!

We all remember those music classes where, as soon as the teacher said the word “solfeggio”, a magical force made all the students sing in chorus:
– No, no music theory! It’s boring, too complicated, it’s useless, you don’t understand anything…”.
So it could happen that for a few weeks, a sudden bout of flu would strike a part of the class…
And what if music theory could, in fact, be an elixir of happiness and freedom?
Music theory is no more, no less than a language. As for the others, one must learn its alphabet, its vocabulary, its grammar and its conjugation, to be able to express one’s emotions, to be able to laugh, to share freely and lightly during musical exchanges.
So yes, we certainly remember those hours spent learning our German vocabulary, with the puzzle of determiners, then the famous French rules or even the English false-friends and it was not all fun…
But here’s the good news: Catalyse offers you the opportunity to experience the learning of the language Music in a fun and dynamic way, by playing, dancing and singing. Discover an extraordinary playground! Over the course of the weeks, you will become composers, singers, drummers, bass players and dancers. Notes, sounds and rhythms will become precious friends, giving you great freedom in your musical sharing.
We look forward to helping you discover the treasures of this language and to sharing this weekly meeting with you in a cheerful, playful atmosphere in this field of sound and rhythmic experimentation.


Each class will begin with an introduction focusing on movement and sound. A beginning in music which will allow us to become aware of the rhythm which animates us, of our own body rhythm which lives in each of us.
This rhythm can change according to our moods, our emotions, what we experience daily. Alongside the rhythm, there are sounds. What do we hear, what sounds vibrate within us? What do these sounds tell us? What is coming out of us?
These sounds, these rhythms that are within us: how can we share them? How can we share and tell stories with these rhythms and sounds in music? We will look at the writing of this language. As in our first school notebooks where we diligently drew A’s, B’s, C’s… we will learn to write sounds and rhythms and to conjugate them together.
In order for all this to make sense, we must play, dance, sing these rhythms and sounds that we feel and then write. We will work on selected pieces together to give them life with the universal instrument that is the voice.


All levels.


No concert.


To be agreed upon.