Mots en jeu

Age : Adults from 18 years old
Duration : Module of 5 weekly lessons
Frequency : Weekly
Capacity : 3 to 5 students
CHF 300.-

Mots en jeu

Creative writing workshop: meeting your pen and your stories.


This cross-disciplinary workshop alternates between putting words into words and putting them into voice.
In search of one’s own voice…
Writing and telling.
Entering into writing in a playful way, through different triggers.
Playing with words, surprising and discovering oneself.
Me and the other, my voice with that of others…
The group as witness and guide, resource, material with which to weave our stories, to bounce back.
Set off together on an adventure, on the path of our own expression, and create a polyphony from a distance, in deferred time.


No prerequisite, this course is for adults, beginners or experienced.


CHF 300.-  / 1 module of 5 lessons of 1h30 (registration included)


Friday 19h-20h30