Impro Breathe

Age : Adults from 18 years old who have passed the acute phase of infection with COVID-19
Duration : 1h
Frequency : Cycle of 6 weeks
Capacity : minimum of 4 / max. 8 students
To be announced

Impro Breathe

Games, breath and voice to overcome some of the lingering symptoms of COVID-19.

Inspired by the ENO Breathe programme developed by the English National Opera, this workshop offers tools to patients suffering from the after-effects of COVID-19, including breathing problems, anxiety, stress, all against a backdrop of great fatigue and general malaise.
The idea is to help the student to become autonomous, by allowing him/her to better manage his/her breathing and anxieties, thanks to a better knowledge of the breath-body-voice relationship and the simple pleasure of singing, playing, sharing by letting oneself go in the present moment.

A session includes:
– Breathing exercises and gentle movements, which allow you to better manage your breath and your anxieties
– Singing moments, supported and guided by the facilitator. Fun moments, accessible to all: we boost the happiness hormones, together, in a caring and encouraging environment.
– The exploration of simple and well-known songs, which allows us to connect even better with others and to support each other in this emancipating experience.
– An exchange of views, to feel less alone on the way to discovering unsuspected capacities.


All levels (no singing experience necessary).


Dates and times to come.


To be announced.