A feature of all our classes, improvisation is an essential component of the Sonoga© teaching method used in our classes. A catalyst for change, it frees individuals from their inhibitions so they can connect with themselves and open up to others. Improvisation is a valuable tool that encourages creativity and allows people to become more present, more reactive and more aware. It gives artists space to explore, fueling their work and helping them to progress.

Circle Song

Signature course

Join in and get out of the box!
Students sing together, share and exchange with their voices and creativity.
Together they gather and, on simple musical proposals, each voice speaks to the other to give birth to a common music.


Signature course

Short and intense training for a group of singers who are committed and motivated by vocal improvisation and circle singing at an advanced musical level.
Following on from the monthly Circle Song classes, this workshop, which ends with a public performance, offers more in-depth work on improvisation and performance.