A feature of all our classes, improvisation is an essential component of the Sonoga® teaching method used at Catalyse. A catalyst for change, it frees individuals from their inhibitions so they can connect with themselves and open up to others. Improvisation is a valuable tool that encourages creativity and allows people to become more present, more reactive and more aware. It gives artists space to explore, fueling their work and helping them to progress.

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Do you have your own artistic project?

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Form a group of committed singers motivated by vocal improvisation and the art of circle singing at an advanced level.

Only when I want to sing !

THE solution when you feel the urge to sing. You come when you want to! No need for prior warning! A true musical pause to get away from the daily grind and recharge your batteries by the pleasure of singing. Each session is unique and independent, with no pretext of progress. Just one goal: to offer a pure moment of pleasure and vocal sharing.

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