Circle Song Corporate Classes

Age : From 15 years old, adults
Duration : From 90 min to a simple workshop to a three-day stage
Frequency : /
Capacity : from 8 to 50 pupils

Corporate classes and more

Our Sonoga circle workshops are tailored to suit the participants: businesses/associations and other organizations/school groups/institutions and groups with disabilities, etc.

Starting from a common foundation, they cover different subjects, including:

  • Musical performance (from beginner to accomplished)
  • Self esteem
  • Leadership
  • Special classes

The focus is on constructive play

We work in groups and use voice and body to improvise freely.
The group’s vocal flow and energy stimulates the participants, who are linked by a shared experience of solidarity.
The result? Shared enjoyment that promotes better group cohesion and the development of qualities such as open-mindedness, strength, independence, perseverance, responsiveness, etc.

Rates and further details available on request.