Oral expression

Age : Adults from 18 years old
Capacity : Solo

I speak, you speak, we speak… This workshop is for everyone: speaker, teacher, lecturer, comedian, commercial or sales person, anyone who faces challenges in speaking, in a professional or private setting, or more generally who wishes to free their oral expression.
The student discovers how to best use his or her physical and emotional resources in order to free his or her voice and gain confidence, attractiveness, persuasiveness, stamina and power if necessary. They will acquire a selection of tools that will enable them to adapt their expression to all circumstances and, if they so wish, to focus on the problem they wish to solve.
Adapting the work to the demand
The student comes with a precise objective, which requires a concrete result. For example, it may be a question of learning to manage vocal fatigue, improving expression for an oral presentation, a thesis defence, preparing for a radio or TV interview, making oneself heard/understood by one’s close circle of friends and family, better controlling one’s voice following a sudden vocal change (menopause, burn out, childbirth), recovering one’s full voice capacity after medical treatment, managing stage fright, stress etc.


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