Chante-moi une histoire!

Age : 5-6 years old
Duration : 45 min
Frequency : Weekly
Capacity : 6 to 8 students
CHF 250.- / trimester

Chante-moi une histoire!

Song, words and co-creation!

Share a moment of tenderness, sounds and words with a loved one* (parent, grandparent, carer). Have fun while stimulating your creativity and learning abilities. You explore your voice and your imagination, you trust your impulses, you discover your body, you exercise your mobility, you refine your listening skills, your memory, your attention, your perception of yourself and others, you learn to manage your emotions…

We create little songs that tell stories, that we have invented together based on vocal improvisations (melodic, rhythmic, harmonic and timbral games).

* The presence of an adult is suggested, but not compulsory.


  • Tuesday 16h30-17h15