Le Jardin des Voix

Age : 3-4 years old (Jardin des voix I) / 4-5 years old (Jardin des voix II)
Duration : see description
Frequency : Weekly
Capacity : 6 to 8 students
Price, see description

In a caring environment, students learn to discover and explore their voice, develop their imagination, gain confidence, assert themselves in a group and develop their personality through joyful theatrical and musical games.
The course consists of improvisation and group games allowing the child to open up to the practice of theatre and singing.

This course, which can evolve, can be followed over one or two years depending on the age of the child. These are multi-disciplinary awakening classes that allow each child the freedom to assert themselves in their breathing, body and expressions.


1 presentation at the end of the year


LE JARDIN DES VOIX I (3-4 years old)

  • Thursday 16h30-17h15

LE JARDIN DES VOIX II (4-5 years old)

  • Wednesday 10h45-11h30
  • Thursday 17h15-18h

Registrations are open all year round (subject to availability, please contact us)!


Le Jardin des Voix I (30min class)
CHF 615.-/year: 3 payments of CHF 185.- + CHF 60.- administration fee

Le Jardin des Voix II (45min class)
CHF 885.-/year: 3 payments of CHF 275.- + CHF 60.- administration fee