Plaisir 1h

Age : 15-18 years old
Duration : 1h
Frequency : Weekly
Capacity : 4 students
CHF 450.- / trimester

Plaisir 1h

The pleasure of working on your voice with others! We take advantage of the group’s energy to keep the desire, remain regular, deepen and improve our vocal performance, stretch our comfort zone… and find our way!
To affirm one’s personality while creating a collective project, which expresses itself through a varied repertoire (styles and languages, known songs and songs discovered).

Become aware of the language of music through the regular use of scores (tonality, tessitura, rhythm).
Improve vocal technique, particularly through exercises, games and independent vocalizing.
Deepen awareness of oneself, one’s body and one’s environment, of breath, of breathing, and of their importance in the practice of singing.
Regularly practise improvisation and circle song, in particular to develop variations in interpretation and voice control, and always to be more present, more relaxed, freer.
Improving one’s stage presence by paying attention to the way one sings with a microphone and moves. Learning to develop one’s relationship with the group and the public, and interaction with the accompanying musician and the sound engineer.
Preparing a varied programme of songs performed in a group, duo or solo.
Be interested in and participate in the school’s workshops and events.
Demonstrate regularity in work and commitment during lessons (regular homework required).


1 concert per year (accompanied by a musician, no soundtrack), with the possibility of participating in the Catalyse open stages, upon registration.


Centred on the voice and its transformative powers, Catalyse has been developing for more than 15 years a holistic model aiming at “happy creativity”, a transversal capacity favouring the creative impulse, the development of the individual and the well-being of the whole. We insist on group practice, because it is inspiring, motivating and favours the progression of each individual. Working on your voice in a group is about improving your vocal skills while having fun and learning, with and from others, while developing a range of social and behavioural skills useful on stage and in life.


  • Tuesday 18h30-19h30
  • Thursday 18h-19h