Atelier Ze Band II

Age : 15-18 years old
Duration : 2h
Frequency : Weekly (plus workshops, rehearsals, concerts)
Capacity : min 4 /max 5 students
CHF 650.- / trimester

Atelier Ze Band II

Focus on the stage, for this very fun course, which allows real progress while offering a wonderful life experience!
It is an opportunity to deepen the areas covered in other singing courses, with the added objective of forming a real music group.


Working on your instrument, your voice, performing live, discovering the tools that allow you to anchor yourself in who you are and to go on stage in front of an audience with authenticity.
Affirm one’s personality, while remaining connected.
Experience the stage in an intense way, to share a common pleasure, to build together, to enrich oneself both on an artistic and a human level.
Working on group dynamics, developing co-creativity, being both in action and listening.
Integrate effort as a game. Understand the importance of commitment. Accepting one’s share of responsibility.


The Ze Band is programmed at least twice a year, in concerts where they play for at least 45 minutes.
Depending on the opportunities, they can also participate in other projects.


  • Repertoire course of 2 hours per week
  • Workshops on “stage work”, “managing your relationship with the sound engineer”, etc.
  • 2 circle song workshops (improvisation, presence in the moment, polyphony and polyrhythm, etc.)
  • Rehearsals with accompanist
  • 2 concerts of 45 minutes (minimum)


Minimum 30 minutes per day of homework.
Full participation in the programme.
Attendance, regularity, solidarity.


Advanced level.
Selection procedure.
Vocal practice and memorization work are done independently outside of class.


  • Friday 18h15-20h15

The schedule of workshops, concerts etc. is specified at the beginning of the year.

Registrations are open all year round (if places are available) !