Progressive support around contemporary music

The program’s mission is to encourage teenagers and very young artists, assist them in their development, provide them with live-changing experiences and validation by mentors, access to significant venues, etc.

From the beginning, Catalyse is interested in teenagers and opens its spaces to them.
Little by little, the arrangements are put in place, taking into consideration their demands.

The first supporting actions:

  • Recording and production of model
    An experience in studio, a good self-assessment tool and a good way to doorsteps the concert halls
  • Programming at Catalyse and in different events, notably at the Festival Voix de Fête
    A stage experience, in a particular stimulating context
  • Media coverage
  • In Residency
    Collaborate with a sound engineer and refine the set
  • Support the associations of junior actors in organizing concerts
    Understand how to organize a concert until it becomes perfectly autonomous
  • Information and advice
    Explanations on the environment, support for creation of broadcasting materials (press file, technical sheet, fire plan, light tube, set list etc.), networking with other structures, etc.
  • Enrichment of musical practice by opening of lively performance in general and other artistic form, exchanges, meetings, etc as well.
  • Prevention of hearing risks
  • Prevention of addictive behaviors