The association Catalyse was founded in 2003 by the artist Noga, who is now the President and assumes charge of co-director (focuses on the school and the development of the training method) with Bettina Vernet (focuses on Nursery and general administration).

Catalyse is registered in the Commercial Register since 31 May 2005.
It is recognized as a public utility since the financial year 2006.
Its school is certified according to the Artistiqua quality label.

The association functions with a team of about thirty paid collaborators (administration, teaching, technical, stakeholders’ projects, etc.), the vast majority of which run parallel to artistic projects focused on stage performance. Thus, the wages paid contribute to the maintenance and diversity of the live performance.

Catalyse deals with a space of about 700m2 at Geneva, from where it shines outside the Swiss borders.

The association works in a cross-over approach, building bridges between the arts education (school) and stage performance (nursery).

Committee of association

The association is administered by a committee composed of at least three members, elected in the general meeting.   The number of members is voluntarily reduced in a team having a direct implication to ensure quick decisions and better responsiveness.

Membres du comité

  • Madam Noga Rappaport-Varadi, President
  • Mister Jerome Ophir, Treasurer
  • Madam Rachel Babecoff

Honorary Members

  • Mister Gabor Varadi
  • Mister Bernard Sabrier, President of the Unigestion and founder of the Children Action
  • Mister Xavier Oberson, advocate, member of the Montreux Committee of Jazz Festival
  • Madam Ruth Rappaport, President of the Inter Maritime Foundation.

Membres de soutien

  • Inter Maritime Foundation.

Friend donators

  • Bank Pictet
  • Lottery Romande
  • Workshopr Oxygen, graphic design…
  • As well as valuable donators wishing to remain anonymous.

Catalyse for every season

  • More than 150 students, regular or punctual participants, who follow our singing classes, theatrical expression and various expressions or participate in stages and other workshops.
  • 50 creative checks (scholarships)
  • 5,000 hours of courses / stages / workshop
  • 30 workshops outside the walls
  • 30 concerts of the school (at Catalyse and outside the wall)
  • 20 concerts and evening parties (opening of album, setting process with an end of residence, circle song, vocal jam…)
  • 6 grenadine shows (young audience)
  • 30 days of artists’ residence
  • 300 hours of recording (CD, demos, pre-prod, concerts)
  • 30 nights of artists / professionals
  • 50 concerts outside the walls (co-production / date search etc.)
  • 12,000 subscribers to our newsletter
  • 2,000 visitors
  • 400 cultural structures «friends or connected»
  • etc.