For more than 20 years, Catalyse has promoted a society that respects people and their potential. How? Through “happy creativity” – a vital antidote to our competitive society as we live longer and question our way of life.

Happy creativity

It is a simple concept grounded in the integration of cultural activities into a healthy lifestyle. Participants learn to both act and observe, helping them to feel better and live better together. The concept is based on the latest scientific research, which has shown that these activities stimulate the mind through play, emotion, and music. By optimizing active neural networks, awakening dormant ones and helping generate new neurons, they stimulate cerebral activity and prolong cerebral autonomy. In short, they offer a fresh, creative approach to the fight against mental illness and age-related diseases. And they help us reconnect with our society and the people around us.

Our approach is designed for everyone, rich and poor, young and old. We can all benefit from happy creativity. In addition to our standard prices, we also offer grants, payment exemptions and customized payment terms. Ultimately, our aim is to bring people together and encourage them to open up, talk, and understand each other. Happy creativity is thus an endorsement of the joy of sharing, and a direct challenge to our fragmented society.

FOcusing on 3 key AREAS 

Artistic education

Our school (singing, acting, improvisation) takes an original approach to teaching based on collective experience; it underscores the importance of listening and sharing skills in bringing people together. By working with our primary tool – our voice – and playing with a fundamental instinct – improvisation – this approach allows people of all ages and abilities to feel comfortable in the group, progress at their own pace in a safe environment, and realize their full potential. This holistic, evolutionary approach emphasizes transdisciplinarity, bridging the gap between amateur and professional techniques, learning and performing, and art and life. The concept is aimed at people of all ages, either as a leisure activity or a more in-depth study. A multi-year training program is available for students, and a professional program for teachers.

Performing arts

The stage is a place of expression, discovery and shared experience. Here, artists can flourish and spectators can escape to another world, change their perspective, and find the answers to their questions, desires and dreams. It stimulates ideas and emotions, and fosters kindness. At Catalyse, we aim to give back to the performing arts by supporting them in various ways: we fund professional artists, provide them with workspaces, help them create and publicize their work, cultivate networks, and organize programming (including for infants and children). Our work in this area also benefits the school by enabling us to develop and maintain close contacts in the professional world.

Cultural mediation

In today’s world, we often allow our thoughts and ideas to be shaped by the media. The result? Cultural homogenization and a dearth of diversity. We must question this behavior, and instead promote a world that challenges prevailing norms, questions dominant trends, and nurtures artistic dynamism and social interaction. Through a range of projects, such as studios for students, guided behind-the-scenes tours and meetings with artists, we encourage people to visit small, bespoke venues, explore creative festivals, promote local services, and participate in new formulas that disrupt current trends. And all in the spirit of fun, friendship and self-fulfillment.