Catalyse is the member of the associationLe Maillon, Federation Rhône-Alpes and Swiss Romandie of the Réseau Chaînon/FNTAV.
Strong with about thirty members, le Maillon develops several activities in Rhône-Alpes region in favor of performing arts, in various disciplinary fields (music, theater, dance, circus, young audience…). This association participates in the cultural planning of the territory by setting up a network for dissemination of small and medium form of the performing arts while encouraging the development of the collaboration of the arrangements between them.
The Réseau Chaînon/FNTAV brings together more than 250 cultural arrangements involved in the defense, support, and diffusion of emerging multidisciplinary creation.

Voice of stages

Catalyse is a member of the networkVoix de Scènes, Swiss Francophone Music Network. It aims to improve visibility of the Francophone music stage in Switzerland to develop the communication and create opportunities for personal contacts between the Swiss artists and national and international broadcasters.

The network Voix de Scènes is a member of the association AREA, an international group of artistic events designed to promote development and movement of the performing artists. AREA stimulates the exchanges between the programmers from different countries and different cultures.

Members of the AREA


Grand Council of the Night

Catalyse is a member of the Association, Le Grand Conseil de la Nuit whose aim is to defend a rich, varied and vibrant nightlife in Geneva by establishing framework conditions.
It is a question of going beyond the idea that the entertainment after 8 pm can only produce nuisances, with the conviction that it must be integrated into the life of the city like a necessary social, economic and cultural dimension.   Among other things, to promote a good integration of these activities in urban fabric to minimize the conflicts of use and allow the audience to continue living in most varied places, close to the population.


A.S.M.V. (association for support to live music)

Catalyse is a member of A.S.M.V and supports it financially, particularly within the framework of the Festival Voix de Fête. Established in 1994 in Genève, the A.S.M.V. acts as a resident programmer at Chat Noir and acts mainly as a platform for local artists.
The A.S.M.V. has created the Festival Voix de Fête in 1999, with an objective of highlighting the richness of the francophone identity through contemporary music. Voix de Fête is a beautiful popular urban festival having its ramifications in more than fifteen halls in Geneva. The festival announced 15,000 spectators in 2011. It is listed among the main francophone festivals. It is the member of the F.F.C.F, (Federation of the Festivals of Francophone Songs). It organizes a trade show with some fifty exhibitors and nearly 150 stakeholders of the trade (Swiss and international programmers) who come to discover and meet emerging artists.