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Catalyse, the voice specialist of Geneva

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Course given by Camille Bourquin A vocal technique preferred by rock and metal, or...

Classical repertoire

Permettre à chaque voix de trouver le répertoire qui convient le mieux à ses...

Spoken Voice

Animated by Camille Bourquin Adults Speakers, professors, lecturers, actors, commercials and salespeople, job seekers...

Singing and playing the piano

Singing and accompaniment lessons for children or adults already playing the piano. Solo course.

Impro +

Form a group of committed singers motivated by vocal improvisation and the art of...

Circle Sonoga

Objective Enter the circle to get out of the box!To sing together, to share...

Only when I want to sing !

THE solution when you feel the urge to sing. You come when you want...

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Mar 19

Open Mic Broadway

SOIRÉE COMÉDIE MUSICALE Avec Camille Bourquin et Saskia Coria Cats, Mamma Mia, Grease, West...
Apr 19

Breathing Coordination MDH Masterclass of Robin de Haas

Animé par Robin De Haas Stage pour chanteurs, comédiens, orateurs Participez à la master...