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Catalyse gives a voice to creativity and free expression.

The association advocates for artists on the Francophone music scene, rich in their diversity and differences, and expressing themselves in all their respective languages.

In addition to its School of song and expression for amateurs, Catalyse also initiates projects in collaboration with partners already well-established in the field, who have two main objectives:

- give artists more visibility
- give them access to networks

“... my name in Montauban, a first concert, and a foot in the door to the music scene in France... So many nice interesting people, budding friendships, special moments, musical discoveries, it filled me with energy for a long time.”
Samir Baris (Belgium)

“... as for Dimoné, we only have good things to say:
- Numerous meetings with planners who not only enjoyed Dimoné’s show, but who also appreciated their reception at the Caravane.
-Two signed concerts and about ten under negotiation for the 2010-2011 season.
-Visibility and promotion that contributed nicely (as these things take time to build).
-Meetings with other artists that seem to portend well for future collaborations in which we share and progress together.
-Constructive discussions with other planners and managers…”
Monique Ewanje-Epee, manager for Dimoné (France).

“... to be discovered by an important link in the promotional chain... as well as various planners...”
Béatrice Graf (Switzerland).

“... I understand why you call yourselves ‘talent accelerators’!”
Marie Bobin, booking for François Gaillard (France).

“On a professional level, the benefits have been good for us: ten or so dates already booked in France and Canada, press contacts, artistic partnerships, visibility, and interest expressed toward the release of Zedrus’ next album...”
Paule Mangeat, manager for Zedrus (Switzerland).

“... success, due to the very (very) good communication, the stage was seen by all the pros... a very (very) good atmosphere, a ‘frame of mind’...”
Stéphane Baudet, booking for Alee (France).

“I’m also delighted to have shared this adventure with you. The spin-offs are positive, two festivals and very good contacts in Canada.”
Sarah Olivier (Switzerland).

“... interesting people, constructive feedback by professionals and audiences, articles in the press... an encouraging variety of tangible results and a widening horizon of possibilities... it’s like a vitamin cocktail! ... and real benefits that are making it easier to release our new album.”
Noga (Switzerland).

Opening a space for creativity and development to the public, to all kinds of public

“The activity that Catalyse suggested with Noga and her ‘circle song’ is among these special events. They are above all meetings between humans, mutual exchanges in which the disabled person can have a second chance, a ‘playback” of sorts... Yvette, aged 62. The singing workshop gave her a boost; it improved her self-image. Back at the institute, she was singing! For each of us, this exceptional experience was marked by the quality of the contact and human rapport...”
Karine Barres, activity leader at the foyer Mas de la Tour (France).