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I am my voice

Our ambition is to cultivate the creative
process and to accentuate the unique
flavour of each and every voice

artistiqua.jpgThe Catalyse school has obtained the ARTISTIQUA label of quality, which is a Genevan certificate for basic educational institutions teaching music, rhythm, dance, and theatre, to children, adolescents, and adults from initiation to pre-professional level.

ARTISTIQUA imposes quality criteria and verifies them through duly accredited certification authorities.

Section "Song"
Children, teens, adults.
we speak and teach in French and in English

Our teachers, on top of their pedagogic qualities, are living their lives actively in the music industry. Whether recording albums, performing, or composing and arranging their own tunes, they know this life and passion from the inside. They insist on the importance of practising stage craft and encourage the students to take part in as many performance opportunities as possible. Our stage and infrastructure is used regularly by professional artists which ensures that we keep our material and equipment up to date and at a professional level. As often as possible we offer our students the opportunity to meet with these artists, actively encouraging them to open their minds to many different aspects of working within the arts (singers, musicians, actors, composers, arrangers, publicists, journalists, managers etc)

Our Priorities:

To ensure that our students get all the attention they deserve, we limit the number of students per class accordingly. The classes are constructed with special care to encourage a real team spirit but also to allow each student their own space to grow and nourish their individuality.

Our students develop and practise a varied repertoire as soloists, in duets and also as a group.  Classes involve techniques ranging from breathing and vocal technique to ear training, phrasing, diction, interpretation, improvisation as well as a solid introduction to rhythm and harmony.

We endeavour to provide our students with the tools necessary to not merely mimic the artists that surround them but to offer their own interpretation of the material they choose to sing. Throughout the courses there is a focus on developing the individuality of each student, encouraging them to have the self-confidence to let go and be at ease whether on stage or off.

Work Ethic
Talent may be a ‘gift’, however, it is a gift that brings results only after hours and hours of work! We strive to pass on the taste for working in order to get results.

Self Confidence and Joy
By developing a musical sensibility we are also developing a source of pleasure that can be nourished, renewed and called upon as a true asset both on stage and off.


Section "Expressions"

Theatrical arts
Children ages 4 to teens

Courses given in French

Festive workshops led by teachers who have backgrounds in theatre, circus, miming, and improvisation. This is not only an opportunity to work on drama and technique, but also to discover the beauty in texts and poetry and develop a sense of ease, imagination, and an awareness of your body, feelings, and voice.

All of which can be done while having fun!

The course has three focal points, tackled more or less in depth according to the age and level of the students:
• Study how the body works as a means of expression: breathing, relaxation, the “here and now”, voice, and movement.
• Drama, improvisation, interpretation, critique.
• Textual work, reflection, and sharing of thoughts with others in order to grow.


Other forms of expressions

Other forms of expression through voice, or that can be used as tools for the voice, are explored throughout the year during workshops and particular internships.
Everything we propose will respect our pedagogical vision.


Our school is an integral part of the Catalyse association and its goal is to make people want to sing and express themselves while having fun, by mainly targeting “amateur” students.

• We take “amateur” students and their learning seriously. While we offer them a quality environment and prefer to use a playful approach, we still require that they meet certain criteria.

• We contribute to increase their ease and self-confidence and stimulate their creative momentum.

• We wish to highlight their individual abilities while respecting their authenticity and their uniqueness. To this end, we use different forms of expression as well as improvisation.

• We also aim to foster a certain sensibility and curiosity. We tackle varying repertories, different trends in current music, diverse forms, styles and creators.

• We encourage interaction and exchanges. We cultivate a sense of collaboration and teach listening skills. We create opportunities to sing and play with others and support transversal activities and collective creations.

• We give special attention to stage work and seek to transmit a liking for vibrant entertainment. We organize performances to show our students, within as well as outside Catalyse.

• We wish to stay in touch with the realities of the performing arts trades. Most of the professors working for us are pursuing an artistic career as well as teaching. We transmit to our team a way of teaching that is original and ever evolving, with follow up supervision.
Our space is outfitted with professional equipment, regularly updated and serviced. Our facilities are used by artists for internships, recordings, shows, and other performances.

• We are open to any ethnic, musical, linguistic contributions while framing ourselves within a Francophone setting.

• We also offer multilingual programs, notably in French and English.

• We support community action, notably by encouraging projects for people of all ages in collaboration with other associations and by looking for ways of opening our activities to a wider population, avoiding all forms of discrimination.

Our efforts to stimulate the creative imagination seek positive day-to-day applications. By inviting our students to develop their creativity, we hope to bring about the catalysis of their evolution process.