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Catalyse, a non profit association recognised by the State as being of public utility, gives a voice to creativity, free expression, and language.

Through song and oral expression, it promotes:
Self-esteem, as a conveyer of well-being.
Creative imagination, as a progress accelerator.
Committed “amateurs”, a dynamic force involved in the process of change.
Emerging “artists”, a dynamic force transmitting energy to the world.
The performing arts, offering visibility.
The Francophone space, rich in its diversity, differences, and all of its languages, as well as a vast territory for expression and exchanges.

Develop singing as well as different modes of expression.
Enrich, diversify, and tune people’s listening skills.
Help discover new repertoires, including contemporary songs.
Encourage the work of artists’ in development and support their networking.
Reveal talents and accompany them in their career.
Give their work visibility through cultural events.
Reinforce synergies and networks as a strategy of openness to Europe and other countries.


A space for work and experimentation located in Geneva, which is an international, multicultural, and Francophone platform. In our “creativity lab”, two sections complete and complement each other:

School of song and expression
Intended for amateurs, it places the voice in the spotlight, away from the formatting process, and builds new audiences.

Quality label ArtistiQUA (EduQUA)
Courses offered in French and English.

A breeding-ground for artists

Intended for professional artists or artists committed to becoming professionals who have been identified by “trade members”.

Internship period for developing a project, recording, CD production or concerts.

Activities developed within different partnerships: cultural programming, organization of events, co-productions (Festival Voix de Fête, Geneva/ Only French Festival, Paris/ Festival Alors…Chante ! Montauban/ Monteux Jazz Festival/ French language and Francophonie Week…).

Implementation of a pilot structure to help with booking, which should facilitate the selection of concert dates for artists in development.

Pilot programs enabling artists to create projects reflecting the human and social contexts in which they are evolving (NProject / Elle se taira/ Semaine sans Ride…) without having to worry about financial questions.

A wage policy offering many artists the possibility to train while being able to count on a regular income that is declared.


Regular collaborations with the Fondation CMA (Switzerland), Wallonie Bruxelles Musiques (Belgium), Fondation Charles Cros (France), Pro Helvetia (Switzerland)…
Member of several networks: Voix de Scène, Maillon, Chaînon/FNTAV, etc.


Every season, Catalyse represents:

Over 120 full-time and part-time students taking courses in singing, drama or other modes of expression, and doing internships or other kinds of workshops.
10 concerts (inside and outside the walls of Catalyse).
25 concerts and evening performances (album release party, general rehearsal, circle song, vocal jam...).
8 R&R afternoons (youth).
30 artists in residence.
The recording studio’s accomplishments (CD, demos, pre-production).
20 groups of travelling artists passing through Geneva were offered accommodations.
2 internships (notably with the Fondation CMA…)
10 meetings with associations working with “popular music”.
5 entertaining evenings organized by associations.
3 festival partnerships (Voix de Fête in Geneva, Only French Festival in Paris, Montreux jazz Festival in Montreux, Festival Alors…Chante ! in Montauban).
2,000 subscriptions to our newsletter.
2,000 on site visitors (approximately).
400 “directly or indirectly related” Francophone cultural structures.
5,000 people touched by its resonating wave…

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Comité de l’association
L’Association, fondée en mars 2003 et inscrite au registre du commerce de Genève depuis le 31 mai 2005,  est reconnue d'utilité publique depuis l'exercice 2006.
Elle est administrée par un comité composé de trois membres au moins, élus par l’assemblée générale. Le nombre des membres reste volontairement réduit à une équipe directement impliquée, de façon à assurer des décisions rapides et une meilleure réactivité.

Membres du comité
Madame Noga Rappaport-Varadi, présidente  - Monsieur Jérôme Ophir, trésorier - Monsieur Gabor Varadi.

Membres d’honneur
Monsieur Bernard Sabrier, président d’Unigestion et fondateur de Children Action - Monsieur Xavier Oberson, avocat, membre du Comité du Montreux Jazz Festival - Madame Ruth Rappaport, présidente de la Fondation Inter Maritime.

Membres de soutien
Par membre de soutien, on entend toute personne, physique ou morale, qui, d’une manière générale, est intéressée aux activités de l’Association et qui s’engage à soutenir financièrement celle-ci pour une période d’une année civile. Le montant du soutien financier est déterminé d’entente avec le Comité. Les membres de soutien sont membres annuels.
Fondation Inter Maritime.

Amis donateurs
Loterie Romande - Atelier Oxygène, graphic design - Clinique Vert Pré - ainsi qu’une centaine de précieux donateurs.
En 2009, le nombre d'amis, individu ou entreprise, approche la centaine, avec des dons allant en moyenne de CHF 50.- à 30'000.- et des contributions diverses allant de petits rabais jusqu’à la complète gratuité de certains services.
Une dizaine d'amis contribuent très régulièrement et très fidèlement au fonctionnement de Catalyse, par des prestations en temps, en services et un généreux soutien financier.

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