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Our school is open :
Monday through Thursday 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm, as well as Wednesday morning.
Please contact us to know more about our schedule.
More info : 022 700 64 74  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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In general, all singingclasses focus on:

- Body awareness
- Vocal and breathingtechniques
- As well as introduction to rhythm and harmony.

The musical teaching is oral and sensory.
Students progress in a spiritof trust, respect and of responsibility among each other.

Classes are composed of :
- a physical and vocal warm up
- an introduction to improvisation
- learning to sing as a group or solo
- learning to sing a cappella polyphony.

Classes are taught in French or in English (we are open to all languages and we encourage learning to sing in French, English, Spanish, Italian …).

In general, our teachng leans on the Circle singing spirit ant approach (ref. the Circle soNg* workshop conducted by Noga).

Concerts form an integral part of our pedagogy. They are formative and give the opportunity to come along with or be accompanied by amateur or professional musicians.

Music Option / Collège
Students who follow the “Music Option” included in the « disciplines communes » ("common disciplines") during the 1st and 2nd year of Collège can get a refund for the course followed at Catalyse up to a maximum amount of about CHF 1'400.- / year (Students should consult their school management for additional information).

Administration : An initial registration fee of CHF 60.- is collected for each registration.
A trial lesson is possible for each class.


SINGING group classes

Monday 3.00 - 3.45 pm
Focus : Sing and Learn nursery rhymes in groups of two (child and adult).
The child and the adult learn many children songs (parent, grandparent, cousin, neighbour, baby-sitter…) with a playing and sharing spirit.
This musical discovery workshop,taught in French, helps develop the sense of hearing, the concentration, the motivation by rhythm and melodic games from the songs.
Language :
The children songs are principally in French.
Contents :
Actual and old songs, and musical games.
Ages 3 - 4, accompanied by an adult
45 mn / week, between 6 to 12 children / class
CHF 300.- / term

LES MUSICIENS EN HERBE (for the young child)
Tuesday 9.45 - 10.30 am, ages 2 and a half - 3
Tuesday 10.45 - 11.30 am, ages 4
Wednesday 3.00 - 3.45 pm, ages 5 logo_option_transv.jpg

Thursday 4.30 - 5.15 pm, ages 5 logo_option_transv.jpg
Focus : Discovering music. Children learn about music in groups through games and body awareness, by listening and singing. Each child can expand their musical horizons and explore the pleasures of practice and musical give-and-take.
Content :
Rhythm, melodic, and song games.
Ages 2 and a half - 5
45 mn / week,
6 to 12 children / class.
CHF 300.- / term

Wednesday 1.45 - 2.45 pm logo_option_transv.jpg
Purely for the pleasure of singing.
Focus :
World songs, improvisation and initiation to circle singing.
Investment : Presence and desire to participate.
Content : Voice practice in groups and preparing an original “repertoire”
1 original show adapted to people / year
Ages 6 - 9
1hr / week, 8 students / class
CHF 350.- / term

Monday 4.30 - 5.30 pm
Purely for the pleasure of singing.
Investment : Presence and desire to participate.
Content : Voice practice in groups and preparing a “repertoire”
1 concert/year
Ages 6 - 8
1hr / week, 8 students / class
CHF 350.- / term

Schedule set by demand.
Parents and children shares a good time singing together.
Focus : The pleasure of practice and exchange.
Investment : Presence and desire to participate.
Content : Relevance to the group.
Children of all ages accompanied by an adult
45mn / week
CHF 900.- /term, package for two

Monday 4.30 - 5.30 pm / 5.45 - 6.45 pm logo_option_transv.jpg
Tuesday 5.00 - 6.00 pm logo_option_transv.jpg
Wednesday 11.45 - 12.45 am
Thursday 4.30 - 5.30 pm
Purely for the pleasure of singing.
Focus : Group songs, duets (solos if possible).
Investment : Presence and willingness to learn songs by heart.
Contents : Vocal work in groups and preparing a “repertoire”.
1 concert/year
Ages 9 - 11 & 12 - 14
1hr / week, 4 students / class
CHF 450.- / term

Monday 5.30 - 7.00 pm
Tuesday 5.30 - 7.00 pm / 6.30 - 8.00 pm
Wednesday 4.00 - 5.30 pm
Wednesday 5.45 - 7.15 pm
Thursday 5.30 - 7.00 pm
Privileged moment in which vocal practice and interpretation reveal the joy of singing.
Focus : Group songs, duets, solos.
Investment : Willingness to practice at home, to learn songs by heart.
Contents: Choosing and preparing a songbook.
2 concerts / year
Ages 12-14 & 15-18
1hr30 / week, 4 students / class
CHF 650.- / term

Monday 7.00 - 9.00 pm
Wednesday 5.15 - 7.15
The curriculum:
- Weekly singing lessons +
- One Circle song (sonoga) Feb. 19, 7:30 – 9h30 pm.
Privileged moment based on specific objectives and public deadlines.
Focus :
duets, solos + at least 2 group songs.
Investment : regular practice at home.
Contents : Choosing and preparing a “repertoire” , introduction to backing vocals, and duet singing.
At the beginning of the year, students are informed about the objectives to reach and are evaluated on an ongoing basis.
They are invited to participate in all of the school’s workshops and events.
3 concerts / year
Ages 14 - 16 & 17 - 20
2hr / week, 3 students / class
CHF 1'100.- / term

The course includes :
- one class « technique » 1hr / week on Tuesday 6.15 - 7.15pm
- one class « songbook » 2hr / week on Tuesday 7.30 - 9.30pm
- “Stage presence” workshop :
- 4 Saturday, from 10.00 am – 1 pm : Nov.1 / Nov. 22 / May 9 / May 30
- 2 concerts at 7:30 pm : Nov. 27 / June 11
- Two Circle song* (so Noga) workshops, Dec. 4 / March 19, 7:30 – 9:30 pm.
- One weekend of rehearsals or multidisciplinary workshops, according to need.
- Rehearsals and concerts.
Focus : solos, duets, backing vocals, a cappella group singing, advanced level.
Investment : the course requires a minimum of 30 minutes/day of homework, and the participation to the full program.
Contents :
with a certain vocal maturity, the student sings in various languages, in solo (sets of 15-20 mn) and with other voices. He/She explores the repertory and can develop his own compositions. He/She gets interested by the musical and cultural context (festivals, musical seasons…), while our "Pepinière" activities is brought to his/her attention.
The student experiments interacting with audiences and stages of various kinds (concert halls, bars, leisure centres, schools, retirement homes…), inside and outside Catalyse. He/she takes those opportunities to face various aspects of the show (technique, communication).
Students will be evaluated on their performance, commitment and progress during the year. At the end of this course, they will be in a position to better appreciate their musical future (relationship to music, intentions and future objectives).
At least 5 concerts / year
Max 4 students / class
Selective entry on casting*
CHF 1'300.- / term

*For the 2014-2015 program, the casting is closed.

SINGING group classes

CHANT'ADULTE – « Feel the fear and sing it anyway+ »
Monday 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Purpose :
Experiencing the pleasure of singing while liberating our fears.Voice is an emotional vehicle. There is no voice without breath and fear retracts when the breath amplifies and becomes conscious. Fear + breath = Positive excitement. Fear inhibits us , unless we learn to tame it , play with it to the degree it can even become a motor. Singing for pleasure, to dare to get accustomed with our fear, become author and creator of our own journey.Through voice exploration, group interaction and meeting with other voices, one opens to the pleasure, to sharing and to music.
A workshop just to blossom and taste the freedom of being in our voice (Voie : Path).
Content : Body and vocal excercices, improvisation and songs, in close or open spaces depending on the group’s desire. All in gentleness and deep listening. This isn’t a therapy but definitively makes you feel good !
This course is an integral part of the curriculum in the transversal approach, which seeks to promote exchange and contact with others.
No concerts. Students may follow this class only for one year
2hr / week, minimum 6 students / class
CHF 400.- / term
ou or an “à la carte” formula = CHF 215.- / 5 sessions

Wednesday 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Sing and be part of a vocal group.
Focus :
Polyphonic practice.
Investment :
Learning all songs by heart and to attend lessons regularly.
Content :
Learning to sing as a vocal group throughout various repertories for which everybody sings his/her own voice. From traditional song to pop music the vocal groups have many facets according to their sources of inspiration (popular song, traditional song, Barber shop, Gospel, A cappella song…). Rhythmic and harmonic approach. Vocal technique and collective improvisation approach. 
1 to 2 concerts/year.
2hr/ week, 4 to 6 students / class
CHF 600.- / term

Tuesday 6.15 - 7.15 pm / 8.15 - 9.15 pm

Complementary course or self-study course.
Regular practice at home. Content: Mastering key concepts in learning to sing and in knowledge regarding the vocal instrument.
No concert
Ages 15+ & adults
1hr / week, 4 to 8 students / class
CHF 300.- / term

Tuesday 7.00 - 9.00 pm
Purpose :
Becoming familiar with the jazz standard songbook.
Investment : regular practice at home.
Content : performance themes (Melodies), initiation to harmony, rhythm and vocal improvisation. Vocal technique, listening to jazz standard, selection of repertory.
This class is available for all levels but students must show a real interest to discover the jazz world and all its components about it (Harmony colors, performance of a melody, musical creativity, discovery of various genres : swing, latin, valse, ballad...).
1 concert/year possible
Ages 15+ & adults
2hr/week, 4 students / class (if the class is incomplete : 1hr30 / week wih 3 students / class or 1hr / week with 2 students / class)
CHF 800.- / term

Monday 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Wednesday 7.30 - 9.30 pm logo_option_transv.jpg
Purely for the pleasure of singing.
Focus : duets, solos + minimum 2 group songs.
Investment : regular practice at home.
Contents: Selecting and preparing a songbook, learning several songs by heart, introduction to backing vocal, duet singing or more. It is suggested to take part in school workshops and events.
2 concerts / year
Ages 18+
2hr/week, 4 students / class (if the class is incomplete : 1hr30 / week wih 3 students / class or 1hr / week with 2 students / class)
CHF 800.- / term


For schedules, please contact us.
A lesson per week at regular date, for 35 lessons per year, from September till June.
When a student starts during the year, He/She follows to the end of the school year.
Investment : regular practice at home.
Contents: Choosing and preparing a songbook. Technique, improvisation and interpretation.
1 concert / year possible
Children (ages 9+), teens, adults
1 individual course / week
CHF 1.200.- / term for 60 minutes
CHF 900.- / term for 45 minutes
CHF 600.- / term for 30 minutes

SOLO "à la carte"
For schedules, please contact us.
5 private singing lessons to be schedules according to the student and teacher’s availability.
Focus : Private class during 30, 45 or 60 minutes, all levels.
Investment : regular practice at home.
Contenu : Varies according to students’ needs and expectations. This course is meant for people who need vocal and artistic help on a specific project or towards a specific deadline, for example.
All five lessons must be scheduled before the first lesson takes place.
No concerts
Children (ages 9+), teens, adults
1 lesson / week
CHF 600.- / five 60-minute lessons
CHF 450.- / five 45-minute lessons
CHF 300.- / five 30-minute lessons

SOLO + FM (Musical Training)
For schedules, please contact us.
A lesson per week at regular date, for 35 lessons per year, from September till June.
When a student starts during the year, He / She follows to the end of the school year.
Focus : Private class during 45, 60 or 75 minutes, all levels.
Investment : regular practice at home.
Contenu : Vocal practice and preparing a “repertoire” . Technique, improvisation, and interpretation. Practical and theoretical music lessons.
1 concert / year possible.
Children (ages 9+), teens, adults.
1 lesson / week.
CHF 1.750.- / term for 75 minutes.
CHF 1400.- / term for 60 minutes.
CHF 1050.- / term for 45 minutes.


Circle song (sonoga)
With different teachers, including Noga, Frédéric Thierstein, Marie-Pierre Duceau and Jean-Marc Brouze
One Thursday per month from 7:30 to 9:30 pm :
Sept. 18 / Oct. 16 / Nov. 13 / Dec. 4 / Jan. 15 / Feb. 19 / March 19 / April 16 / May 7.

Get into the circle and step out of the box!
Focus : Sing together, share and exchange with your voice and creativity. All levels.
Investment : Monthly presence for the pleasure of the moment.
Content : A circle or a round...
We gather together and each voice speaks to the other, creating a circle of song. We play and listen to others and ourselves... We sing... As simple as that! We move and create in polyphony.
Following a repeated rhythm on a loop, the melodies make an instinctive harmony according to the mood, improvisations, and various colours.
This kind of practice focuses on the vocal instrument; it’s liberating and develops confidence in a relaxed setting. A total fitness of sorts!
Along the road we also acquire a good foundation in rhythm and vocal improvisation.
No prior musical knowledge required. Each person will grow and nourish others from the contact.
No concerts

Ages 15+, teens & adults
2hr/month, minimum of 7 participants
CHF 150.- / year

get to know more about Circle song (sonoga)

IMPRO + circlesong
Hosted by Noga.
The complete cycle consists of :
- 2 Thursdays of Circle song (sonoga), the date should be chosen among the dates below (please advise us of your participation)
- 3 Thursdays of IMPRO + circlesong : Jan. 22 / March 26 / April 30 : 7:30-9:30 pm
- 1 weekend: June 5 - 6 from 10 am to 5 pm
- 1 concert : June 11 2015
Focus : Forming a group of singers invested and motivated by vocal improvisation and circle singing for musically advanced levels.
Investment : Presence for the whole cycle and individual work..
Content : Along the same line as the monthly Circle soNg* (so Noga), this workshop, which ends with a concert, offers more in-depth work. Participants discover and broaden their improvisational range by working with various sound, melodic, rhythmic, and amusing tools. They also experiment with polyphony (two or more simultaneous voices) and polyrhythm, as well as physical movement, communication, musical progression, nuance, and space.
1 concert at the end of the cycle
Teens (ages 15+) and adults. For people who are vocally comfortable, possessing some experience with vocal improvisation
Admission requires an interview. Register before December 1st, 2014
24h - cycle of training, with a minimum of 12 participants
CHF 400.- per cycle

Tuesday 1.30 – 3.30 pm
Sept. 16 & 30 / Oct. 14 / Nov. 4 & 18 / Dec. 2 & 16 2014
Jan. 20 / Feb. 3 & 24 / March 10 & 24 / April 21 / May 5 & 19 / June 2 & 16 2015  
Focus : Bi-monthly meetings for the pleasure of singing in groups. All levels.
Investment : Presence and willingness to sing.
Content : Collective vocal expression and preparing a “repertoire”, improvisation and interpretation for a regular artistic meeting.
1 concert / year possible
Adults, 2h / 2weeks, minimum of 9 participants
CHF 150.- / term

The cycle consists of:
- 4 Saturdays, from 10:00 am -  1.00 pm: Nov. 1 / Nov. 22 2014 / May 9 & 30 2015
- 2 concerts at 8:00 pm: Nov. 27 2014 / June 11 2015

Focus : Interpreting with ease and authenticity by working on one’s attitude and body language relating to the stage, with a pre-established “repertoire”. Advanced level.
Investment : Regular work at home.
Content : Simulation exercises on stage, confidence and awareness building of self, others, and the public. Opening, improvisation, and responsiveness.
2 Concerts / year
15+ year old, adults.
CHF 300.- / term

Tuesday 12.30 - 1.30 pm
Sept. 16 & 30 / Oct. 14 / Nov. 4 & 18 / Dec. 2 & 16 2014
Jan. 20 / Feb. 3 & 24 / March 10 & 24 / April 21 / May 5 & 19 / June 2 & 16 2015
Focus :
Solution incontournable pour satisfaire une envie irrésistible de chanter. On vient quand on veut ! Pas besoin de prévenir! Véritable pause musicale pour sortir du quotidien et recharger ses batteries par le plaisir de chanter. Chaque séance est unique et indépendante, sans prétention de progression. Une seule ambition: offrir un pur moment de plaisir et de partage vocal. All levels.
Investment : Willingness to sing.
Content : Collective vocal expression, improvisation, songs and interpretation for a regular artistic meeting.
1hr / 2week
CHF 20.- / session (No pre-inscription needed)

Other workshops during the year


All classes in French
Get to know more


We have a recording studio at Catalyse.
Students are welcome.
Please our site for further informations.

2013 / 2014

Monday, 25 August 2014
Monday, 8 September 2014
Thursday, 11 September 2014
From Monday, 20 October 2014, until Sunday, 26 October 2014
From Monday, 22 December 2014, until Sunday, 11 January 2015
From Monday, 9 February 2015, until Sunday 15 February 2015
From Monday, 30 March 2014, until Sunday 12 April 2014
Thursday, 14 May 2014
Monday, 25 May 2014
Saturday, 27 June 2014

Term distribution
35 weeks of courses
1st term: from 8 September 2013 until 19 December 2014 (14 weeks)
2nd term: from 12 January 2014 until 27 March 2015 (10 weeks)
3rd term: from 13 April 2015 until 26 June 2015 (11 weeks)

Catalyse reserves the right to make changes during the year.


At Catalyse, we are convinced that while art is related to creating, creators draw their inspiration from the diversity, vibrancy, and movement that surround them. Singers in training learn to interpret, to know more about themselves, to trust themselves, as well as to understand how to interact with others, how to share and exchange. Our goal is to help people learn how to live together through song and music in a way that promotes growth.


The transversal approach is an innovative approach that enables us to offer courses in which the original teaching method integrates these concepts in an optimal way. Through improvisational work on various fronts (staff, stakeholders, content, etc.), Catalyse makes it possible to live in an ever-changing world and to accept and view limits as a positive factor. Sessions are hosted by a number of teachers who hold different and complementary skills. Interaction, emulation, co-creation are key words in this course that offers the opportunity for stimulating exchange among students as well as a more complete and diverse content, which is flexible and adapted to each group. The organization of course content is adapted to the needs and objectives set between the pedagogical staff and the students. Participants work in groups of different sizes (as well as individually), according to the situation. Participation in concerts is optional and is an integral part of the possible objectives.

Présentation Générale


Nos cours sont animés par l’équipe dans son ensemble. Nos professeurs* sont tous choisis pour leurs qualités pédagogiques et humaines ainsi que pour leur rayonnement positif. La plupart sont impliqués dans une vie artistique active ou en lien avec les arts vivants. Ainsi, les membres de notre équipe pédagogique connaissent de l’intérieur le monde dont ils parlent. Ils encouragent leurs élèves à jouer et s’impliquent dans la préparation de spectacles à Catalyse et hors-les-murs. Notre scène et nos infrastructures sont utilisées régulièrement par des artistes professionnels, ce qui implique un matériel adéquat, performant et à jour. Aussi souvent que possible, nous mettons nos élèves en contact avec les différents aspects du «métier».

Nous privilégions :


Pour accorder à nos élèves l’attention qu’ils méritent et dont ils ont besoin, nous limitons le nombre de participants à chaque cours. Les groupes sont conçus avec un soin particulier, pour susciter l’émulation tout en laissant à chacun sa place.

Tous nos enseignements abordent les notions de phrasé, diction, interprétation et improvisation.
Les cours de chant permettent d’aborder un répertoire varié que les élèves pratiquent en solo, duo ou en ensemble. Des techniques respiratoires et vocales leur sont enseignées, ainsi que le développement de l’écoute mélodique et rythmique. Les cours de théâtre offrent une invitation à l'écoute de soi-même et des autres, à l'exploration des sons, de l'espace et des multiples possibilités que le corps offre pour s'exprimer pleinement. Les élèves, selon leur âge et leur niveau, abordent des pièces, petites scènes, poèmes, etc.

*Pour mieux connaître nos professeurs, cliquez ici...

Celui qui chante est à la fois l’interprète et l’instrument, celui qui joue incarne le personnage qu’il interprète, d’où l’importance de respecter son individualité tout en lui apprenant à être au service du groupe, de l’ensemble. Tout au long des cours, l’accent est mis sur l’expression authentique et le développement de sa personnalité, de son propre son, de sa voix parlée ou chantée, la confiance en soi, le lâcher prise et l’aisance. Ainsi, nous cherchons à transmettre des outils qui permettent de dépasser l’imitation pure en trouvant sa propre interprétation. Le chant, comme le théâtre, sont des outils qui contribuent au développement de la créativité et de l’estime de soi. C'est encore l'exploration de l'imaginaire et la découverte de la manière dont chacun peut s'en servir pour devenir lui-même interprète, conteur, acteur, chanteur, mais surtout, l'auteur de sa proposition artistique.

En développant la sensibilité théâtrale et musicale, nous permettons d’aborder de nouveaux espaces et ouvrons la voie à des plaisirs sans cesse renouvelés et transmettons des instruments de présence qui sont des atouts, sur scène et dans la vie.

Révéler les capacités et le talent de chacun implique un engagement et un investissement qui s’appuient sur des heures et des heures de travail ! Nous cherchons à transmettre le goût de l’effort qui donne des résultats.

Les élèves qui suivent l’option musique parmi les disciplines communes en 1ère et 2e années de Collège peuvent obtenir le remboursement des cours suivis à Catalyse à concurrence d'environ CHF 1'400.- / an (se renseigner auprès de l’administration concernée).

Détaillées dans nos conditions générales. Frais d’inscription:
CHF 60.– / élève. Un cours d’essai est possible pour chacun des cours proposés. Il est payant aux tarifs indiqués dans les conditions générales, s’il n’est pas suivi d’une inscription.


De manière générale, tous les cours de chant portent sur: - la conscience corporelle
- la technique vocale (et respiratoire)
- une introduction au rythme et à l'harmonie.
Ils se déroulent dans un esprit de confiance, de respect et de responsabilité les uns envers les autres.
Les cours se composent :
- d’un échauffement physique et vocal
- d’une initiation à l’improvisation
- d’un apprentissage de chansons à plusieurs ou en solo
- d’un apprentissage de chansons en polyphonie a cappella. Ils sont dispensés en français ou en anglais.
Nous encourageons l’apprentissage des chansons en toutes les langues.
Les concerts font partie intégrante de notre pédagogie. Ils sont formateurs à plus d’un titre et donnent l’occasion aux élèves de s’accompagner ou d’être accompagnés par des musiciens amateurs ou professionnels.


Les cours de théâtre, ludiques, permettent à l’élève de se découvrir, de se reconnaître et de révéler sa personnalité. C'est une invitation à l'écoute de soi-même et des autres, à l'exploration des sons, de l'espace et des multiples possibilités que le corps offre pour s'exprimer pleinement.
Nos cours de théâtre sont donnés exclusivement en français et s’articulent autour de trois axes, abordés de façon plus ou moins approfondie selon l’âge et le niveau :
- étude et fonctionnement de son corps comme moyen
d’expression, respiration, relaxation, le ici et maintenant,
la voix, le mouvement
- jeu théâtral, improvisation, interprétation, critique
- travail du texte, moment de réflexion et d’échange pour penser à plusieurs et s’enrichir.
Les spectacles font partie intégrante de notre pédagogie. Ils sont formateurs à plus d’un titre et donnent l’occasion aux élèves de se produire en public et d’oser livrer leur interprétation en toute sincérité.


À Catalyse, nous sommes convaincus que si l’art est lié à la création, le créateur puise son inspiration dans la diversité, la richesse et le mouvement qui l’entourent. Le chanteur, le comédien en devenir apprend à interpréter, à se connaître, à se faire confiance et aussi à appréhender l’interaction avec les autres, le partage et l’échange. Apprendre à bien vivre ensemble par le théâtre, la musique, le chant pour s’épanouir au gré des rencontres, telle est notre ambition.


Innovante dans son approche, l’option transversale nous permet d’offrir des cours dont la pédagogie originale intègre ces notions de façon optimale. Par l’improvisation développée sur divers plans (effectifs, intervenants, contenu, etc.), Catalyse ouvre une porte pour vivre dans un monde en perpétuelle évolution et accepter la contrainte comme un élément positif. Les séances sont animées par plusieurs professeurs, chacun avec des compétences spécifiques et complémentaires. Interaction, émulation, co-création sont les mots clés de cette option qui permet des échanges stimulants entre et avec les élèves, ainsi qu’un contenu plus complet et varié, flexible et constamment adapté aux groupes.

L’organisation du contenu des cours est ajustée aux besoins et aux objectifs fixés entre l’équipe pédagogique et les élèves. Les participants sont amenés à travailler en groupes d’effectifs variables selon la nécessité (jusqu’au cours individuel). La participation aux spectacles est en option et fait partie intégrante des objectifs possibles.

Le théâtre et le chant sont amenés à se rencontrer afin de favoriser l’échange et le travail en grand groupe notamment, pour certains aspects comme l’accueil, l’échauffement corporel, la conscience de soi et des autres, l’improvisation, etc. Si ces pratiques ne sont pas forcément systématiques, les échanges et les rencontres valorisent notre enseignement artistique et contribuent de manière concrète à l’ouverture indispensable à la construction de l’artiste en devenir, quel que soit son domaine de prédilection.