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Circle soNg* (*soNoga)
Get into the circle
to get out of the box !

Circle soNg* (so Noga) - NEW FORMULA
With different teachers, including Noga, Frédéric Thierstein, Marie-Pierre Duceau and Jean-Marc Brouze
One Thursday per month from 7:30 to 9:30 pm :
Sept. 19 / Oct. 17 / Nov. 21 / Dec. 12 / Jan. 23 / Feb. 13 / March 20 / April 10 / May 15.

Get into the circle and step out of the box!
Focus : Sing together, share and exchange with your voice and creativity. All levels.
Investment : Monthly presence for the pleasure of the moment.
Content : A circle or a round...
We gather together and each voice speaks to the other, creating a circle of song. We play and listen to others and ourselves... We sing... As simple as that! We move and create in polyphony.
Following a repeated rhythm on a loop, the melodies make an instinctive harmony according to the mood, improvisations, and various colours.
This kind of practice focuses on the vocal instrument; it’s liberating and develops confidence in a relaxed setting. A total fitness of sorts!
Along the road we also acquire a good foundation in rhythm and vocal improvisation.
No prior musical knowledge required. Each person will grow and nourish others from the contact.
No concerts.

Ages 15+, teens & adults.
2hr/month, minimum of 7 participants.
CHF 150.- / year.

Circle soNg* (so Noga) / IMPRO+ - NEW
Hosted by Noga.
The complete cycle consists of :
- 2 Thursdays of Circle soNg* (so Noga), the date should be chosen among the dates below (please advise us of your participation).
- 3 Thursdays of Circle soNg* (so Noga) / IMPRO+ Jan. 16 / March 6 / April 3: 7:30-9:30 pm.
- 1 weekend: May 17-18 from 10 am to 5 pm.
- 1 concert.

Focus : Forming a group of singers invested and motivated by vocal improvisation and circle singing for musically advanced levels.
Investment : Presence for the whole cycle and individual work..
Content : Along the same line as the monthly Circle soNg* (so Noga), this workshop, which ends with a concert, offers more in-depth work. Participants discover and broaden their improvisational range by working with various sound, melodic, rhythmic, and amusing tools. They also experiment with polyphony (two or more simultaneous voices) and polyrhythm, as well as physical movement, communication, musical progression, nuance, and space.
1 concert at the end of the cycle.
Teens (ages 15+) and adults. For people who are vocally comfortable, possessing some experience with vocal improvisation.
Admission requires an interview. Register before December 1st, 2013.
24h - cycle of training, with a minimum of 12 participants.
CHF 400.- per cycle.

Circle soNg* (so Noga) - A workshop in vocal expression lead by Noga, with Frédéric Thierstein, Marie-Pierre Duceau, Jean-Marc Brouze,...

A game of collective vocal improvisation free from any stress or pressure. Open to anybody who wishes to explore and liberate their voices and discover the simple pleasure of singing. Debutants, amateurs or professionals can all enjoy this opportunity to discover. Whether beginning with a simple improvisation or daring to take advantage of the many voices at your disposition to spontaneously create and realise your own composition.

Photos ©
Juan-Carlos Hernandez - Fabienne Muller
Didier Rossel - Julien Oliba